July 2018
National Hospital Flash Report
Based on June Data from Over 600 Hospitals
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National Hospital Flash Report
Dear Readers, Thank you for taking the time to read the inaugural issue of Kaufman Hall’s National Hospital Flash Report. This new monthly, subscription-based, digital publication is intended to provide healthcare leaders with the most timely and insightful review of hospital performance. Our mission is to deepen your understanding of the current state of hospitals, drive performance improvement, and ultimately improve healthcare nationally.  Each edition contains insights from our subject matter specialists and the data is derived from more than 600 hospitals, approximating both the geographic and bed size distribution of all hospitals across the country.  For more information on the data, regions and graphics click on “About Data” at the bottom of each section.  This publication has benefitted our employees of all experience levels, helping them to stay on top of the latest trends. Now we are bringing this wealth of data and analysis to you. We truly believe this publication will provide you with deep insights, and help you and your organization advance as a leader in the industry.  We seek to continuously improve this publication, and invite you to provide your suggestions and feedback (click on “Talk to Us” at the end of the report).

Jim Blake
Publisher and Managing Director Kaufman Hall
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